Wardli Home | Care Cleaning Starter Pack

Wardli Home | Care Cleaning Starter Pack

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1 x 500ml Trigger Spray Bottle of Kardla, Pari & Piki,

1 x 500ml bottle of Tuka

1 x 1L Wara Pouch

Enjoy our brand new WARDLI Home Care Cleaning Range which has risen due to the popularity of our commerical cleaning products. Included in the starter pack is one of each of our 500ml Kardla Hard Surface Cleaner, Pari Bathroom Cleaner and Piki Glass Cleaner in an easy to use slim trigger spray bottle. You also receive one Wara Floor Cleaner in our 1L Pouch and one Tuka Dishwashing Detergent in a 500ml bottle.

From the Yarta to you.

For over thousands of years Aboriginal people used native botanicals for eating, medicinal purposes and now we have created another. We have created this new range of cleaning products utilising these wonderful Australian botanicals and sustainable formulas.